Easycode: a new version issued

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29 May 2015
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Easycode: a new version issued

EIDOS has released a new version of EASYCODE, the integrated software in all EIDOS printers for the label design which sources only from Microsoft Windows.


In detail, the 7.5 update primarily responds to requests included in the EU regulation 1169/2011, which expects including new information in food labels. The new release specifically allows:

highlight the allergens using a typeface different from the one used for other ingredients listed.


With EASYCODE 7.5 you can:

1. edit parts of text on a line or on a multi-line modifying:

Bold / Normal / Italico

Character height

Kind of font (eg. ArialUnicode, ArialBlack, Times New Roman, etc.)


2. copy and paste text written in Word in the EASYCODE window, retaining the original features of the text.

To enable this feature you must have the license key (all keys ” Small” , ” Medium” and ” STAR .. ” allow the management of this function ) . ^ LIV1 mode ( mode without hardware key ) does not allow you to enable this function.  


In addition, the new version 7.5 allows to:

create texts in a more languages ( greek , Russian, Arabic … ) and include the opportunity to use different languages in the same label.

For more info, fill the form on the sidebar or send an email to vendite@eidos.eu .