Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer printing processes for industrial products have been perfected at the Eidos plants for over 40 years. This technology is the ideal solution for transferring very high resolution variable data on flexible, hard, irregular or porous surfaces. No liquid ink or printing drying processes are needed in the printing process to the advantage of space and time. Furthermore, the appearance of graphics is preserved over time also with respect to the action of exterior elements. Data can be edited directly along the production line using a user-friendly interface which can be used to simply invoke data in real time reducing the error margins. Customising and printing small batches is an easy operation. All these innovations increase supply chain flexibility and productivity.



All Eidos products are the result of an original design on hardware and software level alike which allows to develop high-efficiency solutions and applications many of which are protected by international patents.

This authoritativeness and technological know-how is a guarantee and translated into practice during all processes and printer components. A key asset that Eidos keeps developing by interfacing continuously with customers.