Case Histories

Ean Pallet Label in Coca-Cola with PRINTESS

Flexible, reliable and with excellent printing quality, PRINTESS is the favourite of large and small companies that have to adopt the automation required by major retailers.

Coca-Cola is very pleased with the PRINTESS 180 that it uses in various facilities inside and outside Italy. This is vouchsafed by the head of Coca Cola Bevande Italia Spa, Dr. Piccoli, a logistics expert.
Coca-Cola sets very high quality standards: it requires operational rapidity (large volumes are moved continuously from the facility to the warehouses), precision and a drastic reduction of machine downtime (work is performed over several shifts and all machines must be kept running constantly). This is a great challenge for PRINTESS, which nevertheless has shown that it fully deserves its reputation.

Ferrero has chosen: SWING 53cx also for Kinder Bueno

Ferrero spa has always taken total quality in its facilities very seriously and has recently overhauled certain production lines and the relative encoders.
The new printers had to meet strict standards: high output, cleanliness, compatibility with the food industry and very low maintenance.
SWING passed all the tests and has proved to be perfectly suited to the task. Owing to its exceptional print rate (over 400 strokes a minute) it matches modern packing machines perfectly. The thermal-transfer printing principle ensures cleanliness (no ink and solvents) and excellent print quality, even if the characters are very small.
The large 1000-metre reel with the function of total ribbon saving enables the machine to run for long periods and is economical. It has also proved to be virtually maintenance free.

Lavazza adopts the SWING 53cx: a new successful application

The Mokapak facility at Gattinara produces capsules for Lavazza espresso machines using the “Espresso Point” system, which is now very widespread in houses, offices and also public transport.
The twin-dose capsules are then packaged in a second flow-pack package. It is this plastic film that is printed with variable data by the Eidos SWING 53cx encoders.
The encoders work in perfect harmony with the packaging machines on which they are installed. The SWING encoders have proved their efficiency, and perfectly meet Lavazza needs. As with all SWING encoders, the clean printing system is much appreciated as it enables operators to work without solvents, in harmony with the environment and without risks for the products.