Swing series XL

This SWING model is ideal to be integrated on intermittent multi-track or large area packaging machines. With its ready-for-use bracketing system, the Swing can print directly on the production or packaging line without needing to change the plate.

SWING XL 4.09 – Printing area: 107 x 90 mm

SWING XL 4.20 – Printing area: 107 x 200 mm

SWING XL 4.40 – Printing area: 107 x 400 mm

SWING XL 4.60 – Printing area: 107 x 600 mm

SWING XL 5.09– Printing area: 128 x 90 mm

SWING XL 5.20 – Printing area: 128 x 200 mm

SWING XL 5.40 – Printing area: 128 x 400 mm

SWING XL 5.60 – Printing area: 128 x 600 mm



  • Printing width: 107 mm or 128 mm.
  • Printing length: from 90 mm to 600 mm.
  • Printing definition: 12 dots/mm (300dpi)
  • Printing speed: up to 400 mm/s (on plastic film) and up to 250 mm/s (on paper film).
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    This device is allows double-pitch, triple-pitch or even quadruple-pitch printing. This means that the first track is printed, the film is moved by half a pitch and the second track is printed during the time in which the film stops for sealing (in the case of double-pitch processes). The SWING “Series X” with multi-pitch device allows multiple printing of figures in the transversal and longitudinal directions alike.


    Structure support with slide for moving the printer to the most convenient position for changing the ribbon. Printing surface support is included.


    Integral stainless steel container for protecting the electronic unit (USB flash drive port included) from dust, moisture and water sprays. Data can be entered directly on the touchscreen without needing to open any flaps.


    SWING series C

    Printers for non-stop continuous packaging machines.

    SWING series X

    Printers of multi-track packaging machines with narrow text.

    SWING series IE

    Printers for intermittent packaging machines.

    Ribbons for Swing

    Wax and resin-based ribbons of various sizes and colours