The plant

Eidos opened the headquarters in a new plant with the objective of reducing energy consumption and respecting the environment in 2008. It is a state-of-the-art system from the points of view of architecture and design made by applying the most recent innovations in the areas of geothermal heating and sustainable architecture.

The implementation of engineering solutions adopted during construction has generated a yearly energy saving of 46% in addition to improving well-being within the company. The building is heated with heat pumps and provided with ventilation systems to prevent condensation and thermal loads. The roof is covered with earth and hosts a hanging garden.


The system works by using heat pumps which draw heat from the ground, increase its temperature and introduce it to the environment to be heated. The cycle is reversed in summer. Furthermore, an air treatment unit is installed inside which conveys air to the entire building through coil fans installed on the ceiling and chilled beams, which are a new type of fan in which environmental air is circulated by exploiting the Venturi effect of the primary air.


Cobiax modules were used instead of concrete for the floor and ceiling slabs. These are made using reinforcement cages containing high-density polyethylene balls to make them lighter. The result is a modular construction system for reinforced concrete floors and ceiling slabs cast on-site using formworks that reduced building time and increased the earthquake resistance of the entire building.