Frequently asked questions


Can I print time, date and sequential number in real time on an Eidos printer?

Yes. You can print date and packaging time in real time. You can also print the best-before date. You can also print one or more sequential numbers. This is useful if you have one or more production lines.

Can I print a barcode or a logo?

Any logo can be printed (in .BMP format) and insert one or more barcodes either straight or turned on the same label.

Can I print (and apply) on moving objects?

You can print your products or packaging on a non-stop continuous production line with a Eidos printer dedicated to your needs.

What are the advantages of thermal transfer printing?

The thermal transfer method is eco-friendly. No liquid inks are required.
Ordinary maintenance operations, like ribbon changes, are simpler for the operator and prevent the risk of stains.
It is also indicated for the barcode printing because of its high printing quality.
This technology is being increasingly more popular because of its printing speed.

Do I need a dedicated computer for an Eidos printer?

This is not necessary. You can save the labels on USB flash drive and transfer them to the printer.

What are the advantages of using a Corner Edge head?

The Corner Edge head guarantees 12 dot (300 dpi) high-quality printing.

Which spare parts it is convenient to have?

We recommend having the following spare parts at hand if you need your printer to be operational at all times:

  • A thermal head
  • A CPU card
  • An interface board
  • A power pack

Can an Eidos printer work without compressed air?

Compressed air is fundamental for printer operation.

Can a PRINTESS print and apply two identical labels on two sides of one box at the same time?

To respond to a common need of many customers requiring to print on two sides without using too much self-adhesive paper, Eidos has designed a printer capable for printing two equal labels on two sides of the same box.

Can I order a non-standard pad for PRINTESS?

Yes, of course. You will be charged an extra for the design when ordering non-standard pads.

What accessories are available for the PRINTESS?

The currently available accessory devices are:

  • Devices for connecting to SYNC24 I/O: photocells, junction boxes, indicating beacon, pedal etc.
  • RS232 connections: serial cable, USB-RS232 converters etc.
  • RS422 connections with PLC: opto-insulated converter etc.
  • Wireless connections: Access Point, USB-Wi-Fi converters etc.
  • Ethernet connections: USB-Ethernet converters etc.
  • Page selection function by 4 digits binary activation at 24V (0.LM1,..,15.LM1)
  • Page recall function by means of barcode reader with optical pen or flash reader.
  • Air treatment devices: pressure regulators, filters etc.
  • IP65 protection for electronic unit


How can I control an Eidos printer using an externally connected computer (via serial line)?

Eidos offers Easycode (complete version), the software program for sending labels directly to the printer via serial line from an external computer.

Can other programs be used for generating labels instead of Easycode?

You can use other programs instead of Easycode for generating the labels. Our printers are compatible with the most common software programs.

How big is the internal Flash memory (C: disk) on printers with touchscreen?

The available nominal flash memory is approximately 2-2.5 MB.
In practice, the operating system of the printer compresses the files being saved to disk making them smaller.
Important: the file compression coefficient depends on contents.
Example: a 10KB file in .LM1 format which contains nearly all the graphic part (format already compressed by Easycode) is compressed much less than a .LM1 file of the same size which contains only ASCII characters (e.g. uncompressed text, barcodes, boxes etc.).
For the sake of safety, it is advisable to consider that the rear memory capacity of the C: disk is the physical capacity, i.e. 2 – 2.5MB.

How many files can I save on the USB flash drive?

The operating system of the printer will allow up to 512 files.
Some Eidos customer manage up to 480 files without problems. However, we recommend installing programs equal to or higher than 3.00 on the printer.

What file types can be printed with an Eidos printer?

The following file types can be printed with the SATO CL612 windows driver:

  • .xls generated with Excel
  • .doc generated with MS Word
  • .pdf generated with Acrobat
  • .Jpeg generated with COREL Draw, Photo Paint, Paint Brush etc.

If a program can manage a Windows Driver, then the file created with it can be probably printed with an Eidos printer.

Can the printer manage any USB-Ethernet, USB-Wifi, USB-RS232 converter?

No. Only the devices that the printer driver can recognise are managed. For this reason, it is advisable to use only devices tested by Eidos.

Are the three USB-HOST ports on the rear panel of the electronic unit mutually independent?

Yes, they can work interdependently.
– the bar code reading laser can be connected via USB-RS232 converter to any one of the three ports
– the USB-Ethernet or USB-Wifi converters can be connected to any one of the three ports
– the USB memory may be plugged into the front port or any one of the three rear ports

Can I use all the USB-HOST ports at the same time?

In theory you can. Today we have these examples of connection:
– The Smart Card reader device on one port and the USB-WIFI converter on the other.
– Optical laser on one port and the USB-Ethernet converter on the other.

Printers with touchscreen do not have a Serial User port: where can I plug in the optical pen or laser for checking the printed barcode?

These devices must be connected to one of the USB-HOST ports using the USB-RS232 converter. The serial optical pen must also be connected via the USB-RS232 converter.

Thermal ribbons and labels

How can I save on thermal ribbon?

You can set ribbon saving mode on Eidos printers to cut costs while keeping printing quality and printing speed high.

Can I print on particular materials (rough, porous, flexible film, rigid plastic and wood)?

For materials which are difficult to print, Eidos has a wide range of ribbons capable of guaranteeing a good printing quality.