Eidos offers a wide range of self adhesive labels suitable for overprinting with thermal transfer technology . The materials are tested in the company’s laboratory and are the result of continuous research and experimentation in order to meet the most specific production requirements . In the range are either neutral labels that labels partially pre – printed, provided in all formats and guaranteed for all uses.



– Roll wrapped with the labels on the outer side

– The paper type: self adhesive on backing paper

– Label material: paper ( Vellum , side coated ) or plastic ( PVC , PE , PP , PET )

– Id = internal diameter: 75 mm ( 3 ” )

– Ed=External diameter: the maximum value depends on the Printess model.

– Y = Length: the value limited only by the size of the buffer .

– X = Width: the maximum value depends on the Printess model.

Other models



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    Ribbons for Coditherm

    Specific ribbons for inked ribbons and receptors.

    Ribbons for Printess and Swing

    Wax and resin-based ribbons of various sizes and colours