Eidos is the leader in the design and production of label printers and for marking and automatic printing of industrial products.

We have focused on developing thermal transfer digital printing for over forty years. Thermal transfer is a clean, eco-friendly and safe solution for printing variable data in real time, such as best-before dates, forward or backward number sequences, barcodes, 2D codes, identification codes and more. In this manner, you can intervene on the printing operation directly along the production line without changing the plate or stopping the machine.

All Eidos products are the result of autonomous and original design on hardware and software level. This has fostered the development of high-efficiency solutions and applications, many of which covered by international patent.


UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified Quality Management System Design and development, production, installation, assistance.

Eidos has always focused on supply high quality products and services. For this reason, we implement quality parameters and standard procedures form the earliest steps of the design process to obtain products characterised by acknowledged reliability.

Since 1999, Eidos is ISO 9001 certified and perform periodical audits on all processes to guarantee continuous conformity to standards.

In September 2017 Eidos updated the quality management system to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 after having passed the audits performed by the certifying body DNV GL ITALIA.


The beginning

The brothers Giovanni and Franco Tabasso, who were electronic engineers, set up Eidos. The company immediately concentrates on the use of microprocessors. Fiat, Olivetti, Sasib and Microtecnica are some of its first customers.

The first applications

Microprocessors are used in the electronic weighing sector. ‘Workpiece-counting’ electronic weighing systems are then devised. From printing to reading codes. Eidos develops the first innovative systems for reading barcodes. Later, there was a considerable expansion of the product weighing sector. In industry, product weighing tended to become a moment in which to carry out accounting checks and document printout directly on the production line. The 1980

The esclusive products

The design and production of exclusive Eidos products start. The first sales and direct after-sales network is set up.

Robo Jet

The first industrial ink-jet printer of adhesive labels with automatic applicator is launched. And it makes its mark. Minidot is born. Minidot is one of the ‘drop on demand’ systems that Eidos introduces. For many years it will be the only product of its kind in Italy. New steps in marking. In these years, Eidos designs and launches on the market other successful devices: CO2 laser markers, percussion markers, etc.

The thermal transfer age dawns

Eidos makes its first thermal-transfer printer: the RJT in the AE692 version (perfected two years later in the RJT S-750 model). The technology is so effective and full of potential that Eidos decides to focus its R&D investments on thermal transfers, and becomes increasingly specialized.

The range grows

MThe Robotherm model starts production.

A synergy choice

With the objective of offering an increasingly integrated service, Eidos acquires a significant holding in APPIA ETICHETTE, the historical company that produces printing supports. It is the occasion to set up a test laboratory that is common to both laboratories that provide innovations that support new expansion in all productive sectors.

The idea of excellence applied to marking

Eidos becomes increasingly reliable and perfected so as to be applied successfully to different machines that complete the range of marking and encoding products. The Printess “Print & Apply” machines are thus matched by the Swing machines for printing directly on packaging films and the Coditherm films for printing directly on objects (patented method). Easycode® is also developed: the exclusive software for creating, managing and printing labels.

The new headquarters sums up the Eidos philosophy

The company’s central office is housed in its new facility, a state-of-the art building, both in terms of architecture and design. Wide spaces and maximum respect for people make it an ideal place for continuing work on the road of development and advanced technological design.

The new printers generation

For the SWING printers is developed a “wide area printing” versions for termo-formers and the “multi-step” device. It's created the e-series with a simpler and more reliable mechanics, including a review process of the applicators. The Printess-8 is created for printing on A4-size macro-labels.

The new patents

In 2016 two new Coditherm patents are patented: - model I-ROLLER, equipped with a new type of infrared heater - model H-PAD, a high-power swab model for printing in recessed plastic containers.

Novexx Solutions acquires Eidos

In 2017 Eidos is acquired by Novexx Solutions GmbH of Munich, part of the Group L.Possehl & Co.mgh, an important Lübeck-based foundation. Eidos S.r.l. with his new Director-General, Dr. Paolo Bori, starts a new phase, integrating at its best the Company in a European and global context.