Support and repairs

With a team of expert technicians available nationwide across Italy, Eidos can support the customer whenever needed. During installation of a new printer and during supplementary or routine maintenance, specialised trained personnel made available by Eidos are the ideal contacts to obtain the best performance from the printers eliminating the risks of failures or machine stops caused by component wear. In Europe and the world, assistance is provided by Eidos distributors and Service Centres, with the support of personnel certified by Eidos.

Support options


For installing the machine on the line, Eidos sends technicians directly to the customer's plant to identify the most effective solution with respect to the customer's needs. Factors may arise on-site that require specific knowledge and experience of the printer systems that only Eidos experts can guarantee. They will also train operators during the intervention.


In order to keep printers in perfect order, Eidos offers scheduled and preventive maintenance plans: you can purchase a package of periodical operations calibrated according to the machine type at a convenient, foreseeable price. At each deadline, Eidos will agree an intervention date and send you a technician.


Repair operations are performed at Eidos workshops. It can be advised to send devices to the workshop for maintenance when major overhauling is needed.


Eidos plans and holds refresher courses for technicians called to provide direct assistance nationwide. Our courses are also open to customers and are recommended to everyone who buys multiple devices.

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