Novexx acquires Eidos

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EIDOS s.p.a. was recently acquired by the German company NOVEXX SOLUTIONS GmbH with head office in Eching, near Munich.
NOVEXX SOLUTIONS GmbH in turn is part of L. Possehl & Co.mbh Group, an important foundation domiciled in Lübeck.
Throughout its 43 years of history, EIDOS achieved important results that deserve to be incorporated into the vision of a more sustained and durable development. In this sense, a simple transmission between generations inside the founding family would not have been sufficient. EIDOS entered a new phase, perfectly integrating itself into a European and global context.
The founding members, engineers Franco and Giovanni Tabasso, leave full management and control of EIDOS to NOVEXX SOLUTIONS in the person of Dr. Paolo Bori who, with his role as CEO, reaches the top of the company bringing his great market experience in the field of Automatic Identification. This corporate restructuring will transform EIDOS s.p.a. into EIDOS s.r.l.; the operational and design headquarters remain in the prestigious and advanced plant of Chieri (Turin-Italy), which will keep all its labourers and functionalities.
The new synergies created by the merger between EIDOS and NOVEXX SOLUTIONS will lead to an interesting expansion of the company into global market, allowing EIDOS to keep both its identity and its range of products in the field of thermal transfer printing for industry, and to go on designing solutions using its “proprietary technology” for real-time digital printing of variable data.
All information about EIDOS’ products, events and projects are available on its website, which is constantly updated:


The brand NOVEXX SOLUTIONS represents excellent products and individual integrated solutions in the field of labelling and identification within the industry.
It arises from a division of Avery Dennison Company and it combines 50 years of perfect know-how of a global company with the flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise.
The product catalogue consists of hardware and software solutions, high-level consumables and a competent help-desk.
Novexx Solutions has 11 locations worldwide across three continents.
For more details, visit the website:


POSSEHL GROUP operates worldwide under the management of Management Holding L. Possehl & Co.mbH. It is a “diversified corporate group” which is composed of eight divisions decentralized per different market segment and independent of one another. Possehl Group has more than 160 companies in over 30 countries. Throughout the 2016 financial year, the Group had a turnover of EUR 3,9 billion. Possehl employs about 12.000 people around the world (

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