In the food industry any material used must be safe to the health of the consumers. Also for packaging, in contact or not with food, must be ensure that the material used complies with the rules. In Europe the regulation to respect is UE 1935/2004 CE, in USA should be refer to the requirements imposed by FDA, Food and Drug Administration.
Ink, laser and special labels must be respect these rules. Talking about food labels is fundamental whether if labelling is part of packaging or be applied as an adhesive. So our printers which operate on labels, Printess series, and on plastic film Swing series operate using ink suitable for food use that no affect organoleptic properties of foodstuffs.

So, to food labels must apply the specification that concern materials of packaging, plastic or paper. The regulation 1935/2004, explicitly indicates the prohibited properties of raw material of ink. They cannot and must no be carcinogenic, methanogenic, toxic. They can’t and mustn’t contain antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chrome, lead, mercury, selenium. Are prohibited also some of substance mentioned by REACH Regulation No 1907/2007.
Recently was published the result of an analysis conducted by Altroconsumo and other three of european consumer associations in relation to this problem. Were analysed 76 samples of packaging in Denmark, Norway and Spain. Six packaging released into the food photoinitiators in excessive quantity, above the limits allowed by a swiss law. Nine packaging, one of these was italian, released aromatic primary amines, in quantity above a German recommendation taken as reference.

What risk involve these substances? There are no extensive and definitive studies on the dangerousness of these substances, however it is advisable to only contact suppliers who are able to provide all the necessary certifications for food compatibility. EIDOS with its decades of experience and strong partnerships with various producers of inked films worldwide is the most suitable and safe partner in this delicate choice.

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