Decide to buy a solution of labelling for variable data involves an investment that could improve processes of a productive reality. For this reason one needs to some information about technology most suited for different needs. Let’s start with the basics, what we mean by applicator of labels? They are machines designed to apply automatically product labels. Inside the applicator are inserted the rolls of labels. These can be of two types, those already pre-printed or those printed by Print&Apply machinery. The labels have applied directly on containers of various nature, pallet, boxes and bottles.

Before buying one you need to know yours labelling process to find the right solution to simplify and speed up the packaging of product. In the market there are different models of labels applicator, that use different technologies of application. Analyzing some key points help to identify the machinery most appropriate to the specific packaging procedures.
First of all it is important to know the characteristics of the application to choose the model that meets the specific requirements.The surface on which the label will be applied must be taken into account, whether it is flat, concave or convex, made of plastic, metal or cardboard, fragile or subject to deformation. Another important parameter is the size but also the shape, there are label applicators that manage specific shapes and sizes while there are other versatile ones.
Not less important is the material of the label itself, which can be paper or synthetic, in polypropylene and polyester.

The Print&Apply unit must adapt to the production line and thus have an adequate application speed. At this point, if the machinery chosen meets all these requirements, it must be verified that it is able to reach the correct surface of the product packaging, whatever it is regardless of the shape of the product. Positioning is not a trivial parameter but rather a fundamental one, there are products that require a high accuracy rate while others do not. This is why it is important to choose the machine that fits.

It is also necessary to evaluate the application solutions that the machinery offers based on the operational process of the packaging chain and the budget available. During this phase of solution analysis it is fundamental to find the partner that helps you to manage the choice, which is known to lead to an increase in productivity and to the reduction of operating costs. Eidos is for you the ideal partner, with competence and experience it will provide you with the machine that best suits your needs. It will offer you well-designed label applicators will implement business processes going to amortize the cost of your investment in a short space of time. Each applicator works according to its own technology which changes according to the methods of application of the labels. The method of print of variable data is based on heat transfer technology with Corner Edge printhead of 300dpi through an engine of press designed and fully realized by EIDOS.

The main methods of application are three: contact application, air jet and contact piston. The first uses a roller or a brush, when the product exceeds the dispensing edge, which applies the label in contact, separating it from the silicone. Eidos DISPENSER is a simple and cheap applicator able to dispense labels on moving objects as fast as it overprint. The second method uses a controlled jet of compressed air, it is ideal for fragile products. Eidos Static-Blow e Tamp-Blow applicator are suitable for high cadence applications on moving objects, even at high speed and also on not perfectly flat areas.
The last method uses a pneumatic piston with linear or rotary motion to apply the label, it is excellent with flat surface objects. The Eidos LINEAR series applicator apply a label on side or on high side of boxes that are still in an adaptive way with respect to the distance of the box. The piston stroke can have different lengths to cover a wide variety of applications. The size of the label can vary from 30 cm of the BIG-LABEL model to less than one centimeter of the MICRO model, where a particular mechanism allows the pad to go, on the silicone paper and with high precision, the label just printed. The label is then applied to the object with equal high precision. Eidos ROTOR series applicators apply one or two labels on the sides of boxes, even when moving. The light pad of the ROTOR FAST model is suitable for high speed operation on stationary or moving boxes.

The EIDOS solutions allow the application of large labels on one or more sides of the pallet, on moving boxes and bundles, on objects and industrial products. EIDOS has a wide choice of units with printing areas ranging from 4 to 8 inches and a series of applicators designed to be interchangeable. Furthermore, as an original printer manufacturer, Eidos is able to design and supply its customers with special applicators for every application need, even the most complex.

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