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Printing on objects


Coditherm printers are designed in the Eidos research and development workshops to implement the advantages of digital printing flexibility on industrial products. By implementing clean and environment-friendly methods, Coditherm can be used to print small batches with variable data (dates, forward or backward number sequences, texts, lists of ingredients, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, logos) directly on plastic surfaces, porous materials, irregular substrates, rigid and round objects without interrupting the production process and guaranteeing object traceability.


With Coditherm you can print variable data without needing to store plates: real-time printing and the result is immediately dry and clean without needing particular drying processes.


Coditherm is ideal for marking variable data on small batches. A wide range of thermal ribbons are available in an array of colours for all applications. A complete set of alphabets, numbers and logos allows to create all data settings.



Thermal transfer technology guarantees high-definition printing which is resistant to frequent washing, scratching, rubbing and external elements, such as oil, petrol or alcohol.


With an integrated electronic unit and touchscreen, you can adjust printing parameters or edit data retrieved directly from the memory of the device, from a USB flash drive or a connected computer.


Coditherm can print on surfaces with very different compositions and features, such as plastic, smooth wood or leather, fabric or thick coats of paint on metal.



Coditherm prints variable data directly on the surfaces of tags and seals (also characterised by plastic substrates of different nature, such as polypropylene, polyethylene or even the most slippery plastic-coated surfaces). With Coditherm you can print on:

– food product seals

– container closing seals.

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Coditherm prints on all plastic substrates, even those subject to particularly aggressive exterior elements to ensure data durability and quality. With Coditherm you can print:

– on plastic containers for use in farming by integrating special ribbons compliant with standards concerning contact with food

– on containers for recycling and hospital waste and guaranteeing resistance of the printed information

– on containers and food trays subject to frequent washing, high temperatures and sterilisation

-in recessed areas of boxes (up to 20 mm deep).

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Coditherm guarantees high printing quality on electronic circuits and excellent readability of barcodes or other data on all surfaces of electronic boards, products and components, either loose or fitted in more complete structures and systems, to the advantage of single part identification and traceability. With Coditherm you can print:

– on devices such as windings encapsulated in resin, photocells, relays, junction boxes, remote controls or automotive control units

– on printing on electronic circuits, transformers, capacitors, thermostats or pressure switches.


Coditherm is particularly suited for extremely delicate medical, hospital which must be handled with care: using no liquidinks or solvents guarantees cleanness of the concerned surface and the printing environments. Furthermore, printing is permanent and resistant to exterior elements. With Coditherm you can print:

– on objects such as medical bags, vials, test tubes (on side or lid), syringes, pipettes, catheters, tubes and filters

– on fabrics, such as bandages, orthopaedic support stockings, orthopaedic belts and medical bags

– on toothbrush handles for customising the object.


Coditherm technology prints on ball valve or tap using a thermal ribbon suited to slide and mark in permanent manner without using plates. With Coditherm you can print:

– PVC covered handles

– metal handles painted with the thick coat of paint.


With Coditherm, printing on cardboard and glossy thick paper (painted or plastic-coated) is dry and clean straight away without smearing and with the certainty that information will be perfectly readable. The use of UV lights for drying and solvents for cleaning is also avoided. With Coditherm you can print:

– flattened cardboard boxes, i.e. before they are formed for packaging

– irregular packaging with double or triple folds

– glossy or plastic-coated cardboard.


By having created a special version, Eidos promotes rolling of round objects along a roller to obtain perfect alignment between the hot compression point and the printing movement. With Coditherm you can print:

– on round or slightly conical plastic objects, like caps, plastic tubes or round paintbrushes

– directly on tubular objects, light metal pipes coated with plastic or thick layers of paint. If the coat of paint is thin the surface must be heated to approximately 45°C.


For this type of applications, the Coditherm printer is mounted on an automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with intermittent movement and the codes are printed with the wire held stationary. With Coditherm you can print:

-wires and cables from a minimum diameter of 1 mm without changing plates and with no adjustments on the production line

– using one printer for printing flat plastic sheaths as well.

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Coditherm prints variable data by adapting to the surfaces and the wooden substrate without using plates or solvents guaranteeing excellent readability and scratch-proof, solvent-proof results. With Coditherm you can print:

– cylindrical or slightly conical handles

– contoured or narrow handles of paintbrushes for fine arts or decorating.



Printer for flat or slightly shaped surfaces.


Printer for very small printing jobs on flat surfaces.


High-power pad printer for printing in recessed areas of boxes.


Printer for round or slightly conical objects.


High energy printer for flat or slightly shaped surfaces.